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As a law student, networking is largely about gathering information and creating a network of people in the legal community who think highly of you and will want to make you aware of job opportunities when they arise. Bangladesh Legal Research Platform (BDLRP) will create a strong legal networking among all public and private varsity students.
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Networking Advocate is a resource for information regarding networking events, workshops, technology events, seminars, trade shows, expos, and professional development and training opportunities, in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Legal Research Platform (BDLRP) is dedicated to being a great source for connecting business professionals, entrepreneurs, networking groups, and networking venues resulting in economic growth.

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Appellate Division Judges

The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh is the appellate court in Bangladesh. The Appellate Division is the final court of appeal for all civil and criminal cases, with appellate review authority over judgments of the High Court Division. The Court is composed of eight judges, led by its Chief Justice, Hasan Foez Siddique. To learn more click the below button.
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High Court Division Judges

The High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh popularly known as the 'High Court' is one of the two divisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, the other division being the Appellate Division. It consists of the Chief Justice of Bangladesh and the Judges of the High Court Division. The High Court Division exercises both original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. To learn more click the below button.